ECO Sky Water

Barbados has a high population density. This coupled with high demand of fresh water and unusual weather patterns resulting in less rainfall and prolonged droughts has put pressure on the island’s water resources. Enter ECO Sky Water, a small, local water production company that produces, stores and distributes its own water. By using solar-powered hydropanel and water generation technology to extract and store atmospheric water; distributing water in backyard compostable bottles and returnable glass bottles; and utilising renewable energy to drive all aspects of its operations, ECO Sky Water operates with a near-zero carbon footprint, near-negligible grid connectivity and zero waste generation.

ECO Sky Water’s solar powered setup can sustainably produce upwards of 1,000 litres of water per day. In 2020, the company’s operations saved the equivalent of 50,000 plastic bottles from ending up as municipal waste, or even worse, as terrestrial or marine litter. They estimate that this value will reach as high as 300,000 plastic bottles in 2022 in Barbados alone, and will grow annually as the company now embarks on extensive expansion of operations to meet growing demand.

Locals and visitors alike are more than welcome to take a tour of the facility and its operations, to learn about the technologies being used to sustainably produce water.