One Tree for Every Bajan

Trees are vital to our existence, providing a wide range of benefits to both people and the environment.  Across our beautiful island, due to the extended effects of Sugar Cane monocropping and infrastructural development over the years, large quantities of these vital plants have been destroyed and it became important that action be taken to prevent further damage and Reforest Barbados in an effort to assist in mitigating Climate Change along with many other factors.

The Walkers Institute for Regenerative Research, Education and Design (WIRRED) is a non profit organization and charity born out of the regeneration of Walkers Sand Quarry to Walkers Reserve. Through these restoration efforts, the One Tree for Every Bajan initiative was created with the aim of planting 285,000 trees. Since the launch of this project in 2019, WIRRED has partnered with several schools, organisations and individuals who have planted various trees throughout Barbados, resulting in 110,497 trees   being planted thus far.

You are encouraged to join the Commitment to Zero, our promise to Barbados and the planet; offset your Carbon Footprint and Reforest Barbados! If you are interested in being a part of One Tree for Every Bajan, you can email for more information.