PEG Farm and Nature Reserve

The PEG Farm and Nature Reserve (PEG = People – Environment – Growth) has embarked on a multi-pronged approach to inspire local agriculturalists in the viability of environmentally-conscious methods of food production and resource conservation.

Embracing techniques like free range animal husbandry, agroforestry, pesticide-free and chemical-free agriculture, farm-to-table food production and consumption, PEG Farm has transformed a 108-acre site previously occupied by unmanaged bush into a model site for regenerative agriculture, biodynamics, permaculture and forest restoration.

Free-range livestock are rotated across open pasture sites and native forestland, fruit orchards are being created, as are nursery spaces for seedlings and saplings, herb gardens, and areas for multiple crops. 

The size and openness of the facility makes it a safe and engaging attraction to go on educational and recreational tours, have a healthy breakfast or lunch at the café, or camp overnight.