Electronic Monitoring for Fish Traceability

Project DigiFish promotes the use of digital technologies and data to support an ecological way of fishing in Barbados. It is implemented by Barbados National Union of Fisherfolk Organisations (BARNUFO) and Blue Shell Productions, in collaboration with the Barbados Environmental Conservation Trust.

During Phase 1, 30 Pelagic Data Systems (PDS) vessel tracking devices were installed on small-scale vessels. The tracking devices helped Barbadian fisherman make informed decisions about the best catch locations – making maximum profits with minimum effort. They also demonstrate how fishermen were using their vessels, and complying with preserved marine (non-fishing) areas. Above all, the tracking devices can greatly improve the safety of small fishermen at sea.

During Phase 2, 40 Remora Vessel Monitoring Devices were installed aboard longline vessels and two Smart Scales in the Bridgetown Fisheries Complex. The data collected analyzes landings and will help with the traceability certification of the catch.